For the last 6 months I've been testing a variety of specific sleep / performance trackers. The Oura Ring and Whoop strap 3.0 are two of the most exciting bio-markers to come on the market lately.
0:00 Overview
6:02 Oura dashboard
6:56 My sleep metrics
7:28 Whoop dashboard
8:45 Whoop for fitness
10:03 Whoop PA report
11:10 Desktop apps: verdict

Oura mobile app:
12:57 Oura dashboard
14:15 Heart rate variability
14:53 Sleep stats on Oura
15:55 Across days in Oura

Whoop mobile app:
17:10 Whoop dashboard
17:32 Sleep stats on Whoop
18:07 Stats: Oura vs. Whoop
19:09 Stats: first verdict
19:34 Comparison examples
20:39 Stats: second verdict

In this video we go over my data/experience, data, and some of the biggest pros/cons I've had with my experience using them. Let me know your thoughts if you've used them and are enjoying them.

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Uh oh! Last week we vlogged how may have gotten COVID-19 Corona virus!

In this episode we continue that vlog and share exactly what it’s like to have confirmed Coronavirus. Day by day we’ll go through my personal experience and data during the week on my recovery, respiratory, body temp, and see how I’m doing as I continue through this fog.

Greatly appreciate your support and all the comments and kind gestures folks have reached out with.

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Uh oh! Looks like I may have COVID-19 Corona virus!

In this episode we vlog and share exactly what it's like to think you have Coronavirus, how to get tested, going and getting tested. Then to see if I actually have it and what might symptoms are looking like day to day while I maintain a specific regimen of eating.

Watch as we share the story of all that's unfolding..
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We've been working on some cool things.

In this video I'll give folks an upcoming preview to some of the filming and preproduction the team has been working on and recording. From building my own cold plunge, to filming a mini documentary of regenerative agriculture to discussing upcoming plans for a Carnivore course this is a quick flash on things we're working on.

Check it out and check out our site below for great content, products and discounts.

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Lately I’ve seen my recent recovery scores much lower than before, in the mid 70s. Despite have a fairly consistent sleep routine the scores have been dipping and I’ve been looking at ways to improve them.

I can’t quite figure out, but I’ve decided to take specific steps. In video I explore how I am going about investigating this and the changes I plan to implement to see if I can crack this code.

Stay tuned in the future for an update on the results.


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Some of the biggest mistakes around Carnivore Keto Diets are improper management of energy. Energy management is critical to literally everything we do. It affects us so much throughout our days, as well as how well we do it. If we're not careful to properly guard it and management it we lose significant portions of our lives and are much less effective at how to properly harness it and have it work to our advantage. Let's talk about the process of how we can better manage our energy.



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For many of us, going Carnivore Keto is about taking back our core health. Metabolic dysfunction and mental and physical markers of overall vitality and health.

Now being apart of this community for nearly 2 years, getting messages, addressing inquiries there are some common mistakes I see people making that aren't as obvious especially for those who want to achieve not just optimal healthy but a powerful physique with low body fat while still having strong cognitive performance and energy.

In this video we go over three of the biggest mistakes I've personally made and talk about how we can get not only the optimal health, energy but do it in a way that fuels our bodies for optimal gym and physique building performance.

These tips are not quick fixes, but I am seeing results and eager to share and learn.


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What if we could do a ketogenic Carnivore Diet but also include carbohydrates?! Would we want to? Could they help with weight loss, athletic performance and overall results? Well I did some digging and I was surprised to learn what I did, there was quite a bit of info and it took some sifting but I do believe I've encountered some valuable information and implemented it in a way that has allowed for even greater optimization in my workouts and recovery.

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Prod. Andrew Paulus “Paulus Visuals”

What if you mastered the Carnivore Diet? What would you master next? How could you optimize and align yourself to truly take things to the next level in other areas of your life.

Check Out Our New Website:

I want to thank everyone who has been on This Carnivore Journey with me up to this point. We've grown together in looking at what the Carnivore Diet is, The Benefits, The Keys, The How To's, and the common mistakes... but what if there's more? What if we could take the principles we've learned so far and provide even more value: to explore the next journey, the next chapter, and level up our ancestral alignment and optimize every facet of our lives?
Please watch and comment below your feedback. I really want to know what you guys think!
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