June 2, 2021

Ep 66 - New Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover Review (2021) | Is It Worth It?

Are you interested in the latest and best sleep optimization technology?

Looking for the best mattress cooling/heating, optimization technology?

If mattress cooling, sleep optimization, and the actual specifics of the product - how it looks, feels as

Since the original debut of the ChiliPad nearly a decade ago and the success of mattress cooling technologies, top alternatives have now entered the market and Eight Sleep is arguably near the pinnacle of these.

After watching several vids on EightSleep and waiting for their actual topper, vs having ONLY a full-on mattress we decided to pick up and go through their product and see if it truly has what it takes to be considered a premium cooling/heating topper that can compete with the likes of Chili, Ooler and Jet products.

If you're interested in the topper material, how it's built, how it works, what features and what it really looks like and how it really works as well as how truly cold (from temp gun measurements) this device actually performs, check out this review.

Thumbnail credit: https://www.instagram.com/kutiepi314/

Eight Sleep link with $100 off the Pod Pro or Cover here:

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