July 10, 2021

Ep 67 - Chili Ooler vs Eight Sleep Pod Pro

If you value the quality of your sleep this summer choosing the right cooling system and mattress topper that works for you may.

In this episode, Kurt shares seven key points to decide on choosing between the Ooler Sleep System with the new ChiliPad Cool Mesh or the 8Sleep System with the Pod Pro Cover - Perfect Fit. No other review has covered these latest products from Kryo, Inc., the makers of the Ooler and Eight Sleeps newest Pod Pro Cover. 

And no other product review on their toppers has gone in so much depth into discussing these key criteria in choosing a mattress topper and cooling system:
- Budget: the options
- Cooling Performance: how well do they cool, how quickly do they cool
- Mattress Topper Impact: how does it affect the feel of your mattress
- Noise: how do they sound, are they quiet
- Technology: ease of use, additional features
- EMF: Are these EMF free, how do they compare with that
- Maintenance and longevity: what is covered in the warranty

When it comes to quality sleep this review video will outline the biggest deciding factors to consider that will make your final choice today.

Eight Sleep link with $100 off the Pod Pro or Cover here:
Promo Code: KarnivoreKurt

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