May 30, 2020

Ep 23 - 3 Major Physique Building Mistakes Carnivore Keto

For many of us, going Carnivore Keto is about taking back our core health. Metabolic dysfunction and mental and physical markers of overall vitality and health.

Now being apart of this community for nearly 2 years, getting messages, addressing inquiries there are some common mistakes I see people making that aren't as obvious especially for those who want to achieve not just optimal healthy but a powerful physique with low body fat while still having strong cognitive performance and energy.

In this video we go over three of the biggest mistakes I've personally made and talk about how we can get not only the optimal health, energy but do it in a way that fuels our bodies for optimal gym and physique building performance.

These tips are not quick fixes, but I am seeing results and eager to share and learn.


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