May 2, 2020

Ep 19 - Is it Really that Hard to do a Carnivore Diet? (2020)

People tell me all the time, it's just too difficult to do a Carnivore Diet, I'm too busy!
I scratch my head and have to think, what are they talking about?!
That really makes no sense.
You know exactly what you're going to be eating and you can easily ship it right to your door!
Meals, prep, planning and cook times as well as shopping time are typically much smaller.
There's minimal effort and wasted time with eating this way.
And when you take in the X-factor of gut ease, energy, mental clarity and performance you will find it hard to hold a candle to any other diet and way of eating to optimize your productivity if you're goals are less about pleasure from food and more about consuming optimal foods.
Watch here to hear this and see how it's done.
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