April 8, 2020

Ep 13 - How to Increase Testosterone & Lose Weight with a Carnivore Diet

Testosterone and weight loss are actually linked together. In studies increased levels of T in both male and females has shown improvements in weight loss. On the flip side, low levels of testosterone has been linked with obesity and a whole slew of other health problems. Our hormones aren't everything, they are a HUGE variable in how our metabolic bodies operate.
Nature engineered them to hang on to fat when we live and consume foods that aren't ancestrally consistent while we have an incredible ability to burn fat and reverse pre-diabetic markers and body composition when we adjust things accurately.
How we can optimize our testosterone and support a healthy weight and fuel weight loss for those of us looking to get that edge? Is the Carnivore Diet a way we can better support this powerful anabolic hormone and fuel weight loss?
Stick around to the end and we'll go over some very practical points on how best to optimize. Watch this to find out!
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