December 4, 2019

Ep 04 - Four Reasons Why You Need a Carnivore Diet

There's a lot of content about the Carnivore lifestyle, it's benefits and why one would want to do it. In this episode we distill down four main reasons why I think one should seriously consider doing a Carnivore diet in 2019. This list is my attempt to order and really break down some of the primary reasons in priority of why you might want to consider this way of eating. The more and more I dig into our ancestry, look at the biology and uncover case studies the more I'm convinced these reasons are powerful and critical reasons why so many people are succeeding on this lifestyle. I'm continually blown away at the success stories and amount of vitality people are experiencing when switching to focusing on these priorities and getting things really dialed in when they really care about what their body actually consumes.

Please share and let me know down below what you think about the main reasons you think people should shift to a Carnivore diet. Subscribe, comment and like the content.

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