CarnivoreMD went on Joe Rogan last Friday! 

It was a great episode if you haven't checked it out. In this video, we highlight some of the key moments in that discussion around Carnivore Diet. Some of the biggest points of common concern when considering the Carnivore Diet.

This was fun.

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More bloodwork! This one is a re-hash of my 2-year results, but this time we have the man, the myth, the legend Dr. Paul Saladino on a Zoom call interpreting my results with me! 

We go through these labs and discuss some of the biggest misconceptions and concerns, if I'm healthy and where I might be at risk.
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Will carbs kill me?

How do they look on a continuous glucose monitor that tracks my blood sugar consistently monitoring and updating me with data?

What about alcohol, sunshine, sauna, cold exposure? In this video, I go through the different experiences I had and share the data my glucose monitor tracked as I consumed these different 

What does it look like when I consume these different variations. Oh, and of course I also looked at how a Carnivore meal looks.

Check it out!

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Traveling always makes it hard to stay on the plan. BUT it's often not as hard as people make it out to be. In this vid I walk through how I visit Hollywood and Miami and stay on plan without compromising my diet while traveling.

Lots of great tips and quick nuggets throughout to learn how to stay disciplined to this way of eating easily.


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Bad sleep, insomnia. Don't worry. We got you covered in this vid. Coming from a former insomniac, I've personally conquered my sleep issues while dealing with depression and anxiety and I can tell you first hand I sleep like a happy baby now. I'll be covering some incredible tips, which you can get further info and reading on w/ our website and my sleep book.


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Decided to film my Carnivore Diet day of eating.

Follow me through this journey as I walk you through my meals and show you how to stay optimized and eat pre/post workout while staying full Carnivore.

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It's been 2 years of 98% Carnivore. Haven't had any real plant foods outside of a few dark chocolate bars and the occasional drink here and there. I've optimized Sleep, Light, and my Diet to yield these results.

Take a look as I walk through all my markers and explain where I'm at and what sort of work I've put together with these labs to showcase how the Carnivore Diet impacts your blood markers and urine.

The vast majority of things are covered here: Lipids, metabolic health, inflammation, minerals, vitamins.

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Kurt's neighbors, Stan and Alex both join in as he shows them what a nose to tail Carnivore Diet looks like and how to incorporate organs and a balance to have a nose to tail meal to start their day.

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Kyro, Inc. makes some really cool products for optimizing sleep. In the past, we've reviewed the ChiliPad and Ooler Sleep Systems. In this video, we're reviewing the world's first ever cooling weight blanket.

All those products can be found here w/ our respective discount codes:



This video will detail all the specs and info regarding the ChiliBlanket and in the end I'll share my opinion and thoughts on how it weighs up.

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Cold water therapy has been one of the most profound environmental hermetics I've experienced.

Living in hot central Texas even our coldest shower water barely drops below 70 most of the year.

The self-discipline, recovery and sleep benefits of cold water therapy are outstanding, worth adding to one's regimen.

In this video I am joined by a special guest, John Richter who together walk you through everything you need to know to build your own Chest Freezer Cold Plunge. It's one thing to buy a chest freezer and then fill it with water, it's quite another thing to ensure that freezer lasts (w/out rust or dimpling) and your water stays at the temperature you want it,  sanitized and clean. But it all can be done with the correct steps and knowledge.

John has been involved in Wim Hoff and Cold water therapy for nearly a decade now. It was the only thing that treated his insomnia years ago after having his daughter. 

He's the founder of the valuable FB Group "Chest Freezer Cold Plunge" which has amassed over 3K members. He has published a detailed book: which outlines dimensions, buy guides, sealing, prepping, controlling temp and water sanitation among many other things.

Quite simply, if you're going to build a Chest Freezer Cold Plunge, John is THE guy.

This video is long, we will start with some highlights of the process and we will walk you through all the parts and components you'll need as well as how the application and prep works.

If you enjoyed this then you'll want to check out my writings and more ways to optimize your health below on our site.

The coupon for the ozone generators is: OptiAlign
The coupon for the e-book is: Karnivore

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