Are you interested in the latest and best sleep optimization technology?

Looking for the best mattress cooling/heating, optimization technology?

If mattress cooling, sleep optimization, and the actual specifics of the product - how it looks, feels as

Since the original debut of the ChiliPad nearly a decade ago and the success of mattress cooling technologies, top alternatives have now entered the market and Eight Sleep is arguably near the pinnacle of these.

After watching several vids on EightSleep and waiting for their actual topper, vs having ONLY a full-on mattress we decided to pick up and go through their product and see if it truly has what it takes to be considered a premium cooling/heating topper that can compete with the likes of Chili, Ooler and Jet products.

If you're interested in the topper material, how it's built, how it works, what features and what it really looks like and how it really works as well as how truly cold (from temp gun measurements) this device actually performs, check out this review.

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If you're looking to better understand Blood Flow Restriction this video breaks down several of the main concepts. We also show you how to use it and discuss some of the main reasons people use this method of training.

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In this episode, I discuss the changes and adjustments I've made over the past 6-8 weeks that have helped me further optimize my Carnivore diet and lifestyle.

This is a short but valuable recap and forecast on the channel what I've been working on and upcoming things in the pipeline.

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What if there was a device that could improve your HRV, speed up your post-workout recovery in your nervous system, and health you fall asleep faster sleeping better?

What if that same device also was tested in clinical trials on PTSD patients and real lab studies to improve trauma and reduce stress?

The ApolloNeuro is an interesting newer wearable that's claiming to deliver a lot of that and in this video, we dive into some of the science behind how it works and what it does exactly.

Tune in to learn more.

Get yours w/ 10% discount- valid until 5/19/2021

I've been experimenting with Carnivore Carbs. Carbohydrates, especially with working out have been instrumental in my ability to build muscle.

Organic sweet potatoes could be one of the best options. Here's my favorite recipe, check it out and learn more.

February 27, 2021

Ep 61 - How to Make Bone Broth

Bone broth is a super food. But most people order store bought, lengthily cooked histamine high concoctions of all kinds of things.

In this episode we go over the two biggest things to watch out for in making bone broth and make ourselves a healthy batch of exceptional bone broth.

When your gym is closed, what better way to rejuvenate your muscles than to have a sauna of your own. Right next to your bed!

Fast muscle recovery with near infrared light and zero flicker stress. This NEW second-generation design is not only better, it’s more affordable. Featuring a custom-made stainless-steel 5G-rated RF shielding system, 3rd-party tested up to 40 GHz to deliver up to 69x more effective shielding protection.

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How the heck do you maintain a Carnivore Diet, a Carnivore Keto Diet or a Keto Diet while dating, while being social?

In this video it's all about the hacks that allow you to maintain your ancestrally aligned diet and lifestyle for optimal health while indulging in all the social things people love to do: eating out, dining in, socializing, drinking etc.

Comment below and share some of your top hacks.

This video discussed ketogenic Carnivore Diet nuances. Specifically going into some of the main tweaks required as well as sharing some recovery hacks. Enjoy!

The keto cycling continues. In this edition we share how the Keto cycling is going. Discuss some cool new supplements I'm introducing, a couple cool sleep hacks.

And we'll talk about more specifics around the reasons why I quite coffee and am cycling on this keto diet. Some of the science and studies shared to give you more fuel and ammunition to consider quitting yourself.

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If you decide to pick up sleep tape or the relaxator. Highly recommend these.

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